Vogue Visionaire

Vogue Visionaire

Ready for a revolution

Often the trendsetter, you are one step ahead of the crowd. You can predict the latest fads even before they hit the runway, which is what makes you a true style icon!

A fashionista, you love everything from junk to funk and classic to contemporary and adorn every accessory with much aplomb. Whether vintage is making a comeback or traditional patterns are passé, crowds look up to you for an update on what’s hot and what’s not. Be it a basic black and antique gold pendant or a stack of modish bracelets, semi-precious stone or shimmering Swarovski.

For you, Bling is King and Monochrome, the Queen, in equal measure, as long as you’re keeping up with what’s a-la-mode.

You curate an inimitable style for yourself, the mark of a true inspiration for fashion lovers. On some days you dress up in your comfy best, keeping it minimalistic, on others, you’re seen strutting around like a boss, stilettos on point and coffee in hand. You’re not one who’d dress to impress, but you definitely want to make a bold statement and own your unique style.