Inspired by the picturesque wilderness that withholds scenic beauty, the Luxe by Bansri line aspires to capture the ethos of the rainforests while transporting you from four-walled rooms, to gushing rivers and exotic flora and fauna. From dainty and delicate to dark and dangerous, the collection beckons your ‘wild’ side.

The intense colors and sombre shades represent your desire to bring out the best in yourself and conquer your trepidation, one day, one fear and one accessory at a time. In an era of fleeting trends, you choose to remain a classic, yet in vogue. You’re bashful today, buoyant tomorrow, an explorer today, torpid tomorrow and that’s what makes you one of a kind!

Kindling your many moods, the Amazon inspired jewelry with intricately etched elements of nature, brings out a radiant, feisty you. Every piece is exquisitely crafted with natural stone, pearls and crystals and complete with a rich textured finish that captures the rustic beauty of the forests. Be it sporting the boho-chic look, the petite-pretty one or the tribal-raw guise, these elaborate pieces that tell a story, not only elevate your wardrobe but introduce you to a side you never knew you had!