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Daring, determined and dashing

Hardworking, decisive and powerful, that’s what best defines your personality. You enjoy a fast-paced life, shuffling between home and work, keeping it ingenuous by day and iridescent by night.

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Your wardrobe is well-planned with a mix of daily essentials and statement pieces, that ensure you have a style-schedule balance maintained. But while, striking a work-life balance might seem exhausting, every once in a while you step out, add a twinkling touch and let your wild side, loose!

Once you get out there and let your day go from gloomy to glam within seconds, you are the star of the show!

From endless meetings to enjoyable weekend outings, your life is an absolute contrast, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! Unswayed by fleeting trends, you have a definitive sense of power dressing. Being prudent you seek pleasure in the finer details, bold lines, stark colours and simple silhouettes. A lover of the art of making, you understand the value of intricacy and efficiency and don every piece with pride and utmost joy!